christmastide? yeah, maybe

Apparently that’s a word. says so. Well, whatever, that’s cool.

Tradition tells me this is supposed to be the most joyous time of the year. I can sorta see why. Family, great food, presents, maybe snow, nice music, cheesy movies. The holiday season has a lot going for it. We don’t really celebrate much in my family anymore. Family gatherings are pretty rare, and… I don’t know. We just took a break this year.

And that’s fine. I’m not complaining. I sort of prefer it small and unassuming.

Obviously, I took a break from blogging last week. It seems most people did, so I figured it would be cool if I did, too. Thing is, all the bloggers I read announced that. I didn’t, and that’s kind of a pattern of mine in most things. It’s not a good one, clearly. I set up plans sometimes with friends and then don’t follow through. Of course, it’s a two-way street. My friends don’t follow through, either, and it comes down to who’ll remind who first–or at all. For example, a friend invited me over on the weekend. I said sure, and we left it at that. The weekend came and no further communication was made about it. The weekend went and nothing. I could’ve called. I know this. She could’ve called. Neither of us did.

It’s not an isolated incident, but sometimes somebody needs to take that extra step to get the plans rolling. I’m usually not that somebody. I’m not really social. I’m not big on socializing or people in general. I don’t like being alone all the time, though, and there’s the rub. It’s the curse of an introvert and a fairly antisocial one, at that.

I should step outside the bubble, right? For those of you unfamiliar with introverts, I discovered a couple really awesome articles that highlight our situation. The first one is funny, the second one is a little longer and a little more serious. It’s an uphill battle in the snow, and for those of us suffering from depression, well. Anyway. Enough about that.

I’ve missed some obligations the last week or so. Each of them would probably have been a lot of fun. My holidays are always a mixed bag, though. I’m not sure how others do it, find this season so jolly. I do look forward to it but when it comes, I find myself wondering why. I suppose you get out of it whatever you put into it. That seems appropriate, but then… what makes this time of year different from any other? Isn’t that a principle that applies year-long? Or maybe the holidays returns your investment with interest… I don’t know. That sounds nice, though.

There’s still a few days left. I still have at least one more chance to make this Christmastide memorable. Hopefully starting today.


One thought on “christmastide? yeah, maybe

  1. […] many people for which it comes naturally. But it’s especially difficult for an introvert. (I talked a little about this in a previous blog post.) Oddly, sadly, horribly, this struggle can apply even to my friends. Some understand this. Others […]

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