the wall

This isn’t the first time I’ve been here, but it never gets easier. Creatives and non-creatives alike know what I’m talking about: that frustrating inability to (figuratively) put one foot in front of the other. We writers call it (quite cleverly) Writer’s Block. When getting words down on the page is like the spilling of your own blood. If it’s not writing, it’s a homework project, or a career-related project, or a home-improvement project or self-improvement or so on. We run into a wall that seems impossible to get through.

I’m not even creatively dry, though. Ideas constantly bounce around in my skull like a lotto drawing, and I’m just waiting for the first number to pop out. Well, it does, but that doesn’t seem to improve anything. Because I still can’t transcribe any of my thoughts into a coherent narrative piece.

This is my situation, my condition, where I’ve been for weeks. Maybe months. Just… wandering my own personal Sinai. And I’ve looked outside myself. Television, people watching, reading, navel-gazing, scribbling notes, conversation. I’ve collated a ton of information, there’s still a process between acquisition, assimilation, and expression. The divide among those can be as small as a crack in the sidewalk or as daunting as the Grand Canyon.

There’s no getting through the wall.

Until, one day, you get through the wall. When does that happen? Who knows? How does it happen? For me, it’s a mystery, the difference between being healthy and falling victim to a cold. (Which, btw, I am currently experiencing.) How did I catch a cold? I don’t know, it happens.

My synopsis continues to stare me in the face, mocking all my preparation, notes, and previous draft efforts. Meanwhile, other story ideas have logjammed against the wall. Yes, I’ve considered putting the synopsis on hold, but it seems like a bad idea. The synopsis is all that prevents me from querying agents and publishers. So I really don’t want to put it on hold for anything, even another story idea that’s ready to be hammered out.

I would really love some feedback on this phenomenon. How do some of you respond to it? Have any of you had to just buckle down and weather it until it passed? Leave a comment.


2 thoughts on “the wall

  1. What I do is read in my genre. It always works. Sometimes, I have to put the book down to type in ideas for my WIP. What do you think?

  2. fireflyin says:

    That works for me when I’m writing scenes… like working on the novel itself. As for the synopsis, it doesn’t seem to have any effect. Thanks, though! I appreciate the feedback. 🙂

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