So I took a vacation last week, not just on here but also in the rest of my life. I took the week off work and headed off to a resort to relax and recharge. I had thought about posting while I was gone, but I decided to take a break from everything–even things related to writing. So no work on the synopsis, no work on the script, no blog, no nothing.

It was pretty good, though the vacation met with mixed results. I am now back at work this week. And I am back at work on other things as well. Time to return to the synopsis and the script.

But part of the reason the vacation was only so-so was that I somehow fell ill, and I am even sicker today than I was yesterday. I spent the entire afternoon napping… I guess because I was extremely exhausted. Why? That’s difficult to pinpoint. It was all physical, though, at least I think it was. And I spent the rest of the day in the bathroom. Woot.

In fact, I am probably going to go right back to bed after I post this… ugh, except for one or two things I still need to do.

Well, I have also been out of touch with everyone. My friend Steph. Liz. Even my NYC writing partner. But on a brighter note, I managed to reconnect with my best friend! And perhaps even another friend who I haven’t seen in months. And I went on a date yesterday that… umm… could’ve gone better. But at least I went on a date! She’s great, but unfortunately it’s not going to work out because of certain reasons I won’t go into here.

So, illness aside, it’s time to get serious about some things. My goals remain, and I’m undeterred in my efforts to achieve them. I’m excited to renew some old relationships, too. It would probably be wise to dust off a few others. It’s… not a full renaissance for me, but there are a few key changes I’m making for the better. Let’s see how these go this week, shall we? 🙂


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